Designed by working professionals over the last 20 years, these software applications have evolved into a complete environment for the logistics professional. Applications can be purchased by themselves or all together as a complete logistics package.

These applications come ready to use and no major data entry task is required to begin work. The required data files are already in place and can be input or customized as part of the normal data entry process.

With IMC Software each component of these three applications are integrated for seamless operations.

Customs ABI systems required approximately 40 input and 40 output record types to be transmitted and received. Things such as importer of record queries or updates and manufacturer queries/updates are examples of these EDI record types. Some of the more important record types we support are:
CF-7501 Processing for local port processing
Remote Filing with Automative Invoice (AII)
Automated Drawback
Automated Protest
ACH Payments
Approval for use of this program must be provided by the Customs and Boarder Protection (CBP) and is used primarily by importers and licensed customs brokers.

Our International Freight Forwarding package is a paper driven system that will produce many of the various forms used to consign and process cargo for domestic or international trasportation. Air and ocean freight as well as local pickup and delivery transactions can be processed in a professional environment that provides for:

 Air Waybills, computerized or pre-numbered
 Ocean bill of Landing – Uniform
 Mater & House Bill Consolidation Routine
 Shippers Export Declarations (CF-7525V)
 Restricted Articles
 CNS Reporting

Inventory Control can be used for any number of locations and accounts. A product listing can be used to automate data entry. However, general cargo can also be input and managed through the same system. We designed inventory with flexibility and it can be used for many different kinds of inventory transactions. Some highlights of this system are:

 Mulitple Warehouses and Customers
 Warehouse Tally-in & Tally-out in Real Time
 Inventory Controlled Per Lot or FIFO
 Invoicing & Commercial Documentation
 Physical Inventory Adjustment Routine
 Product Listing Files

Each of the above applications come with a number of general support programs, some of which are listed below:

 Log Book & Data Base Files
 Local delivery & In-bond Documentation
 System-wide Queries & Reports
 System-wide Backup & Archive
 Automated or Manual Invoicing
 Accounts Receivable
 Accounts Payable
 Check Book
 Credit Note